[Rainier Ale Strikes a Blow for Culture; a Public Service Advertisement]


In accordance with our policy of bringing culture to the masses, Rainier Ale sponsors an hour-long program seven nights a week on a San Francisco classical music FM station, KSFR (94.9). That this sort of entertainment is a trifle too starchy for our own taste is unimportant compared to the pleasure it gives others. Besides, we are a thousand miles away in Seattle, so we couldn’t hear it if we wanted to.

(Do you want to know the real reason? O.K., the real reason is we did a survey that shows the people who like Our Product the most are either highbrows or lowbrows. It costs a lot of money to reach lowbrows because there are so many of them, and they aren’t a particularly grateful bunch, either — probably because everybody wants to do something for them. You ask them to run down to the store and buy some, but do they?

Nope. Highbrows, on the other hand, are pitifully grateful for any little thing you do for them; it sort of gets you. They may not be numerous, but by golly they can sure sprint down to the store. In the old mercantile track meet give us highbrows every time.)

Which is why we have been offering Beethoven, Brahms, or Bach Sweatshirts over KSFR. The response was so enormous that we are extending the offer to music lovers the country over, even though Rainier Ale is at present only available on the West Coast.

They are in "athaletic gray" and two large sizes only: men and women.* They fit anybody in a roomy sort of way if you shove the cuffs up. Now, on the front is a life-sized head of either Beethoven, Brahms, or Bach, exactly as pictured, each with his name below to identify him to uninitiated passers-by. The price: a mere $4.00 each. We would like to give them away, but state laws and our own prudence forbid it. $4.00, postpaid: no C.O.D.s or any of those tricks, please. SEND FOR YOUR CLASSICAL SWEATSHIRT(S) TODAY!

*Rainier Ale itself is for men only; at least no woman has ever been known to drink it – they apparently don’t care for it. Our Product has a good male color and a good male flavor – it is for men. But music and sweatshirts are for everybody. WARNING Don’t try to swill it down like beer. Rainier Ale is more substantial, it should be drunk like, and given the same respect as, a highball.

Rainier Ale
Box 3134c
Seattle 14, Washington
Dear Sweatshirts:
Please find check or money order to cover the following sweatshirts at $4.00 apiece. I understand that since it’s so late they might not get here for Christmas. However, please send them as soon as possible. I will stall.
__ Beethoven Sweatshirt     No. desired __ Sex __
__ Brahms Sweatshirt         No. desired __ Sex __
__ Bach Sweatshirt             No. desired __ Sex __
Name, Address, City, State

Body copy provided because it's hard to read up there...but try clicking on the ad to see it larger, anyway.

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